Fixture Replacement & Repair

Keeping your home sewage and plumbing running effectively is a quality of life issue. The professionals at Terry’s Plumbing place a high standard on restoring your home to the best conditions and keeping those conditions maintained. We offer a variety of fixture replacement and repair services for residential and business customers.

Toilet installation & repair
Terry’s Plumbing services include toilet installation and/or repair. Our technicians can assist you with important information that is vital for choosing the right toilet for your home or business. Procrastinating on toilet repairs can have disastrous and costly consequences, so please don’t hesitate to call us for an estimate and assessment of your toilet repair or replacement needs. We even offer high efficiency, low flow toilets to help conserve water and save on your bills each month.

Sink installation & repair
Terry’s Plumbing technicians make sure that each step in the sink installation and repair process is taken seriously, from removing the old sink to installing the new one. This service includes attention to the faucets and garbage disposals. When a simple repair is needed, Terry’s Plumbing pros can spot it and offer a service as simple as installing new washers or making a valve replacement.

Faucet installation & repair
Attempting to repair a broken faucet on your own can quickly lead to disastrous consequences. Terry’s Plumbing can help you avoid that costly mistake.

There are literally thousands of faucet types on the market today and our professionals can help you narrow down those options based on your setup and preferences. Our plumbing technicians are trained to be detail-oriented and are experienced in making sure that the repair or installation is done correctly, the first time.

Garbage disposals
Although there are some "do-it-yourself" projects for garbage disposal repairs, most jobs require industry expertise. If your garbage disposal is beyond repair, we will replace it without making a mess and ensure the garbage disposal is functioning properly for years to come. Call us today to get an estimate on our garbage disposal services!

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