Pipe Descaling

Cast iron is a material primarily used for drainage in homes in South Florida. As time progresses and these systems become older like the structures, our clients start to experience drainage related issues. There are also other issues that can occur to these systems that are not age-related and can be seen with a camera inspection.

It is abnormal for your drains to back up in your home or business. In the event your drains back up, our technicians can clear the line to alleviate the blockage, however, this is usually only a temporarily solution, and will occur again. 

The traditional suggestion in the industry if you have cast iron is to replace the system under your home with new P.V.C piping. Cost related to this project are extensive and can be in the thousands of dollars and requires permits and engineering to perform. 

In the event you are not able to afford or perform the replacement of the system then you may want to consider pipe descaling. This may buy you additional time and or clean the system to help create longevity or eliminate the ongoing stoppages. 

About Pipe Descaling

Pipe descaling is a new technology that is used to break down any detritus inside the pipe that has formed inside the cast iron. The pipe cleaning is recommended to be performed concurrently with water and camera inspection. During the cleaning, we will make an access point in the ground where the building sewer drain exits.  At the access point, we will then dig down and create access to the drain system to make an opening to perform the cleaning. Once the system is exposed, we will remove a section of the existing piping and perform pipe descaling from this area on the outside. This helps eliminate any inconveniences to our clients while we perform the pipe descaling. Once the areas of concerns are addressed then a new cleanout is installed to grade and the work area is backfilled and clean up.

Pipe descaling is recommended especially when the system has not been maintained over time. In the photo below the camera, the head was stuck and the pipe was exposed to retrieve and make a repair.


Pipes can back up from the build-up. A system cleaning can help break down the interior build-up and restore full use if the condition of the pipe is good.


Notice to owner: There are some scenarios where the cast iron pipe is beyond life expectancy and or poor condition and can break and or collapse during cleaning. We have no intentions of this happening however it can occur and is unavoidable during the cleaning of the system. This must be something the owner or agent must consider and determine if pipe descaling is the best method for their property. 



  • Most homes in south Florida are built in the 1950s -1970s so there are two major cast iron materials installed in these homes. 
  • Corrosion of cast-iron-pipe can occur on both the internal and external surfaces.
  • Cast iron pipe breakdowns by graphite flakes forming.
  • Many public utilities, municipalities, and private industries still have functional cast iron pipe in service to this day.