Hose Bib Replacement & Repair

High water bill? Inside leaks? Squirting outside spigot? A hose bib may be the culprit. Plus, the replacing or repairing a hose bib is the number one issue during hurricane season. As residents put up their shutters or plywood to prepare for storms, these parts normally break. Then, there could be a waterline flood destroying the inside of a home.

However, replacing a hose bib is really a job for a professional. Any hose bib with damaged parts – faucet body, valve stem, packing nut or bonnet nut – will most likely need to be replaced. Because a hose bib’s parts are not interchangeable between manufacturers, finding parts for a hose bib can quickly become a difficult process. We suggest leaving it to the professionals to replace the hose for the best results.

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