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Terrys Plumbing of Broward County is looking to immediately hire a highly motivated full-time Service Plumber to go into our clients' homes and businesses to help solve and repair all aspects of plumbing. Terrys Plumbing is a 4th generation family plumbing company who has built client relationships and solved some of the hardest plumbing repairs around. Our team handles all aspects of plumbing and levels of service;however, we mainly focus on, diagnosing, repair, and install their plumbing systems. We only service Broward County due to high demand. We avoid long travels for our team from service call to service call.

We hire and assign our techs to maximize their favorite style of plumbing. Have you ever worked with a company that can assign a specific goal of repairs to your schedule? Are you tired of working with a dispatch team who has no knowledge of plumbing? At Terry’s we understand that the perfect job does not exists, and this may be why your looking! With high stress and long hours in this trade, we understand that the simple days of service can be maximized if certain aspects are thought out in advance. Have you ever had to reschedule or return to a project because of a wasted trip? Where certain details were not asked or thought out?  If so you are working with a slow pace environment, do not apply if you are a slacker. We hire only the most professional and caring team to assure everyone is pulling their weight. This combination of demands with care add to a great working environment.

Terry’s Plumbing has a different approach to management, and not there is not a perfect job. Yes, we understand quotas and sales are important, however your personal to work balance is also a priority. We have measures in place to help accommodate the team to work and live-in today’s times. Freedom and finical growth is the goal for most. Do you ever what to be a owner of a plumbing company? If so, Terrys has the support to get you there!  5 years of are training and guidance is the perfect recipe for success!

We have such faith within our company and its operations that we offer a ride along program to assure the success of your future with our company.

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