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Roots In Sewer Line

One of the most costly problems that a property owner can face with a sewer drainage system is root intrusion, whether it's their residential or commercial property. Roots can reach great distances in the search for moisture and can penetrate a small hole in a drainage pipe under the slab of property.

What Causes Tree Roots in a Sewer Line?
If tree roots or other types of organic plant material are the cause of a drainage pipe clog, it usually indicates that there is a hole or crack in the pipe. Regardless of the type of pipe of the drainage system, any moisture leak will gradually attract root intrusion from surrounding plants. The flow of warm water will create condensation on the pipes exterior and the mixture of moisture and the humid vapor provides thriving conditions for all types of roots. It is common for tree roots to travel long distances in their search for moisture. When roots locate a strong source of moisture (like a drainage pipe leak), the growth activity is concentrated in that spot.

Even the smallest hole, crack, or separation of the pipes will allow roots to find the source of water. As these roots continue to grow inside the pipe, the hole will expand for more to intrude. Attempts to control the problem by continually cleaning the interior of the drainage pipes with jetting, mechanical snakes/rooter equipment, or chemically killing the roots in the pipe will not prevent the eventual collapse and failure of the pipe. A hair-sized root can end up growing in size to the width of a man's arm.

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