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Perform Meter Test

Make sure there is no water being used in or around the house that's visible. For example turn off all dishwashers and laundry and or anything running that uses water.
Locate your water meter and write down the numbers on the meter dial. (The Water Meter is usually located in the front of the house in a covered box by the street).
After 30 minutes to an hour have passed, check the numbers on the meter.
If the numbers have not changed then you do not have a pressurized leak. If the numbers do change, the next step is to shut off all the toilet water valves in the house and repeat steps 1-3.
If the numbers do not change at this point then your toilets may need to be serviced and replace some parts or adjust. If the numbers have changed, you most likely have a leak and should look into getting a leak detection as soon as possible in order to prevent any further damage to your home or incur a high water bill.

Here are some of the most common leak symptoms:
  • Sink holes in the yard
  • Wet carpet
  • Water coming up from between grout lines
  • Abnormal foundation settling
  • Hot spots on floor
  • Sounds of constant water running
  • Signs of mold or mildew
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