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Faucet, Toilet, Tub, & Shower Replacement & Repair

Contemporary bathrooms feature an array of shower and tub designs including shower jets, shower heads, and faucet systems. The Team at Terry's Plumbing is fully equipped with the expert knowledge and equipment for all shower repairs, bathtub drain repairs, water pressure issues, and fixture installations and replacements. Terry's Plumbing is South Florida's leading plumbing company for bathroom plumbing solutions. Neglected faucet and bathroom leaks will result in wasted water and increased water bills. It's always highly recommended to either repair or replace these fixtures in a timely manner, as it will save you money in the long run and improve the function of your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry water sources.

Bathtub Replacement
The replacement of your bathtub may be necessary when it's worn out, damaged, hard to clean, or even the wrong color. But in most cases, tub replacement should be done only as a last resort. Bathtub resurfacing is a cost-effective alternative that can restore your existing tub to its former glory.

Shower Replacement
Terry's Plumbing is also capable of installing, repairing, and/or replacing your bathroom showers. Our highly trained specialists can repair and install all types of showers, from electric to manual and even digital showers. We also install water softener systems in apartments, houses, offices, factories, etc. As this eliminates lime scale from your "hard water", it will make your washing machines, dishwashers, and electric showers run more efficiently and prolong the lifespan of these appliances.

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