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Broken Water Line

Plumbing repairs for your home or office may come when you least expect it, or at the worst possible time. With a broken water line, it is essential to get it fixed as soon as possible by a reputable plumbing company, like Terry's Plumbing. A broken pipe can cause substantial damage to a residential or commercial setting. Not only will fixing the problem immediately save you money and stress, but it will ensure that your water is clean, uncontaminated and will prevent high water bills.

Fixing the Pipe
As Terry's Plumbing is efficient in fixing a broken water line, we are capable performing other maintenance tasks that will help out your water bill, and make sure the water itself is safe. We can clean the water line to make sure that there isn't any build-up inside the pipe for proper water pressure. If cold weather is typical in your area, you can also get your pipes insulated to prevent them from bursting again. If you suspect a leak in your water system, it's definitely suggested to get your water line pressure tested. This tells us how big the leak is and its location; fixing the leak correctly will prevent catastrophic failure in the future.

Pressure Check for Water System
Get your water line checked and tested on a routine basis. A pressure check can go a long way for a water system and is the best preventative maintenance you can do. No one wants to leave their house and come back to a flooded residence because of a broken water line.

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